365 Days

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux (Coming Soon)

To survive in the wilderness always seems to be something dangerous and scary. But in this game you'll stay alone with nature, which does not want to kill you. Wild animals are aggressive here, but they just defend their territory and themselves, and they never attack first. Animals will study you and your habits. Will you live in harmony with nature or will you kill it - depends only on you.

Available in Steam!

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Green - Ready, Orange - Prepare, Red - In the plans

Name Status
Translation of the main menu into other languages
Furniture in buildings (beds, smithy and others)
New objects in game world(Villages and other)
New 3D Models
Interactive temples
Interactive environment(For example, using a bed for sleeping)
New achievements
Quests Research
Cooking system Research
Multiplayer Research